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Power:    Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery       

Voltage:  3.7v

Duration:  ≥14hrs

Storage:  SD Card (8GB)

Battery capacity:  5000mAh

Weight:   310g ± 10g

Size:  135x71x23 mm

Temperature:  10℃~40℃ use;  0℃~55℃ storage


Software (USB compatible)              1 copy

Vest& Antenna Weighs 1.5 kg

CapsuBot                                                  CapsuRec with antenna                                    Software

Guidance for user


CapsuBot  features

CapsuRec & Antenna

Workstation for capsule

Time line

Ⅰ. Fasting 15hours before use
Ⅱ. GI preparation
Ⅲ.Wear the vest with the data receiver
Ⅳ. Swallow the capsule
Ⅴ.Ensure the capsule pass the pylorus then patient resumes daily life.
Ⅵ.9 hours later return the receiver to hospital
Ⅶ. Doctor issues diagnosis report 

1. CapsuRec :  SX-CSX-1
(1) Recorder SX-CSX-1                1pcs
(2) SD Card                                 1pcs
(3) Charger                                 1pcs
(4) SD reader                              1pcs

2. Antenna-Vest: SX-CSA-1
(1) Antenna                                1 set(8 groups of Antenna)
(2) Vest                                       1 pc

Preparation- Well cleaned intestine

Model: SX-CST-1

Weight≤ 4.4g     

Viewing angle:≥160°       

Picture resolution: 256x256

Frame rate: 2fps

Battery duration: ≥13 hrs

Insulation: IPX8

Temperature:  20℃-40℃ for use, 0℃-50℃  for storage

Preparation- Not ideally cleaned

Useful for:

Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease),


Bleeding of digestive system,

Detecting polyps,

Ulcers, and tumors of the small intestine

Not applicable to patient with
The pregnant/ children/ heart disease or epilepsy patients
Diverticulum of small intestines;
Cardiac pacemaker user;
Or small intestine surgery. 


1. Wide angle ≥160°, heavy duty battery ≥14 hrs as guarantee ;
2. Work station  saves capital invest;
3. High resolution, real time display with fast uploading;
4. Wide market potential.  

0 hrs  Take in CapsuleBot

30 min Check location of Capsubot

2 hrs Allowed to have a little water

4 hrs Allowed to have a little food

9 hrs May take off vest  

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