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Medical Protective Mask


Product NameMedical Protective Mask

ModelCD9501 (non-sterile) 15.5x10.5

Intended UseThe Medical Protective Mask is intended for no-surgical use in healthcare setting by health care personnel.

Degree of Protection: The  non-oily particle filtration efficiency  is ≥95%.

Instructions for Use:

1.Pull the nose clip outward with both hands, hold the loops of mask with nose clipper upwards.

2.Hold the edge of the mask with both hands, open the mask, and pinch the folded part of the bridge of the nose with your fingers.Put on the mask so that the chin is in the mask and hang the mask strap behind the ear,and adjust the nose clip to a comfortable position so that the mask fits the face.

3.Adjust the nose clip to a comfortable position so that the mask fits the face.

4.Press the index and middle fingers of both hands to adjust the clip until it is close to the bridge of the nose.

Fit Testing:

1.Cover the surface of the mask with both hands and breathe out vigorously to feel the mask bulge outward.

2.As you exhale, make sure there is no leakage of air from the part of your face that comes into contact with it.

3.When inhaling vigorously, you can feel the mask collapse inward.

4.To meet the previous 1-3 requirements at the same time is to meet the air tightness requirements.

Shelf Life:The Medical Protective Mask is valid for 2 years.

Note:Please refer to CDC recommendations to prevent wearer exposure to pathogenic biological airborne particulates during FFR shortages resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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